Extract Rate’s

As per local and international requirements, each Oven Extract rate should be recorded at least once annually and after any adjustments to the oven. This is to ensure the products of combustion and potential lower explosive limits that may be produced by solvent based lacquers within the oven chamber are being safely removed to prevent explosion whilst at the same time adhering to local environment legislations so that emission levels are not exceeded.

Are you experiencing condensate build up within the oven or pin chain contamination?, if so, it is most likely that the oven extract needs to be increased or there is a restriction in the stack.

Heating & Oven Technology Ltd operate equipment to offer this service which will highlight any potentially dangerous or environmental situations that need to be rectified.

On completion a full report with all measurements will be submitted to our customer, highlighting any concerns or adjustments that may be required if not already done so with the permission from the responsible plant engineer.