Industrial Oven Engineers


Thermal Processing Engineers

The core of our business specialises in the maintenance of Gas Fired Thermal Processing equipment throughout the Metal Decoration Industry such as Washer Boilers, Washer Dryers, Pin Ovens and Internal Bake Ovens.

Outside of the Can Manufacturing Industry, we assist International Gas Transporters from source to end user with their program to install and replace Industrial and Commercial Gas Meter installations ranging from low to medium gas pressures.

Throughout these sectors our team of Certified Oven, Gas and Thermal Processing Engineers offer a variety of professional services boasting of long served careers in the Metal Decoration and Gas Transportation Industries.

Heating & Oven Technology Ltd most utilised services: 

  • Oven/Gas Train Safety Checks
  • Burner Servicing
  • Extract Rate’s
  • Oven Air Flow Balancing
  • Oven Audits/Surveys
  • Oven/Burner Commissioning
  • Gas Train and Burner Upgrades/Installations
  • Supply of Oven and Burner Control products
  • Employee Training
  • Industrial Oven Cleaning
  • Breakdowns, Plant Shutdowns, Call out and Gas Escape Emergencies
  • Gas Meter exchange programs
  • Industrial and Commercial Gas Pipework Installations
  • Large Diameter pipework testing and purging